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How to copy files from my PC/laptop to my VPS?

There are many options for how you can copy files from your PC to VPS.

Simple and usual Copy/Paste function.

Copy files on your local PC by right-clicking the file and selecting “Copy” in the context menu. Then, go to your VPS via Remote Desktop Connection app, right-click on Windows Server Desktop and “Paste”. Done.

Connect your local disk drives to VPS.

In order to access your local files from VPS, please follow these steps:

  • Open “Remote Desktop Connection” app
  • Go to “Local Resources” tab
  • Click on “More…”
  • Expand the “Drives” option tree and select the disk drives you want to map with your VPS
  • Click “Ok” and then click on “Connect”
  • Once connected to your VPS, click on “This PC” (Windows Server 2012)
  • Find your local drive under “Devices and drives”

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