Become our Affiliate

Generate a new recurring revenue stream for you!

No cost or minimum purchases — you have nothing to lose.

Recurring commission

Get commission every time your referred customers or friends buy a new VPS plan, renew or upgrade. 5% for Dedicated Servers and Annual plans.


Payout threshold

Easy registration, fast approval and only €30 minimum payout amount.

Growth opportunities

Partnership with us means enjoying a generous pay structure and has no limits on maximum earnings.

Why to join now?

Win-Win and Risk-Free


We will help your clients install trading platforms, Expert Advisors and other Forex-related software.


We are doing our best to give attractive VPS offers for your customers.

Customer orientation

We will provide 24/7 technical support for your customers and will make sure customers are happy and stay longer with us.

How much can I earn?

Estimate your future earnings

# customers

monthly income

* Earnings estimate is based on assumption that average order value is 18 EUR and 10% affiliate commission rate

Who can get great results?

Trading software developers and resellers

Expert Advisors, Indicator, Utilities etc.

Forex brokers and their affiliates

Execution of trading orders in milliseconds.

Trading blogs and website owners

Get a steady income from your Forex traffic.

How does partnership work?

It’s so easy to get started

Register for free

Fill out the Affiliate registration form. We will review your application and get back to you within one business day.


Get affiliate link

Get affiliate ID link and promotional materials, then copy and paste the code on your website, social page, blog or email.


Earn commission

You earn for every customer order you refer to us. We provide real-time reporting on your earnings and regular payouts.


Start your recruiting income!

Earn money from sales when you promote us

Affiliate FAQs

Yes. Affiliates must earn a minimum affiliate account balance of €30 or more before their account is eligible for payment.

Commissions deemed due and owed to you under the program will be paid to you directly by ForexVPS365 via PayPal after any holding period and in accordance with a regular payout cycle established by ForexVPS365.

We provide links and HTML code that you can copy and paste within your website or email advertisements.

Yes, absolutely. You can promote our Services across one or all of your websites. The more links and content you place on your websites, the more qualified visitors you’re likely to send us — and this should translate into a higher conversion.

Via cookies. These cookies remember which affiliate’s link or ad was clicked by the visitor. Once that transaction and sale is made, the cookies tell us who to pay.

Most sites on the internet require cookies to be enabled, and this technology will remain part of the internet for a long time.

A customer who has cookies disabled on their browser will not be able to have their sales tracked; however, studies have shown that cookies are rejected by users only 0.68% of the time, so you have a 99.32% chance of making a successful sale.

Our affiliate program uses cookie tracking to track and award sales made through the referral link.

The tracking cookie is valid for 30 days and is awarded on the last click basis — meaning, if someone uses your link before signing up, it will overwrite any other affiliate cookie currently in their system.

If someone clicks your affiliate link, but then clears their cookies, then we cannot be sure you will get credit for the sale.