Powerful Forex Hosting for Automated Trading

The perfect environment for algorithmic trading strategies. Say no to system downtime due to Internet cuts, computer shutdowns, and power failures. Focus on trading and be sure that terminals are always available and run.

No hidden conditions and fees



Supports any EA, any Broker, any Forex Trading Platform.


Usage for Forex strategies, algorithms, and other trading purposes.



Stability guaranteed by SLA. 24/7 access to trading from anywhere in the world.

Plans and Pricing

Take advantage of the highest quality service at reasonable prices
starts at 14 /month
1 - 3 MT4/MT5
Windows Server 2019/2022
Locations: Netherlands Brazil, Sao Paulo
top plan
starts at 23 /month
2 - 4 MT4/MT5
Windows Server 2012/2019
Locations: UK, London Netherlands Germany, Frankfurt U.S., (East) Japan, Tokyo Singapore Hong Kong Johannesburg, South Africa
starts at 33 /month
2 - 6 MT4/MT5
Windows Server 2012/2019
Locations: UK, London Netherlands Germany, Frankfurt U.S., (East) Japan, Tokyo Singapore Hong Kong Johannesburg, South Africa

*Pricing may vary depending on billing cycle and server location.

Dedicated [32]
195 /month
240 GB SSD
13 - 25 MT4/MT5*
1 Gbit/s PORT
Windows Server 2019
Dedicated [64]
top plan
245 /month
480 GB SSD
25 - 40 MT4/MT5*
1 Gbit/s PORT
Windows Server 2019
Dedicated [128]
345 /month
128 GB RAM
960 GB SSD
40 - 60 MT4/MT5*
1 Gbit/s PORT
Windows Server 2019

Features and advantages

Essential service for your Forex trading strategy

Reliable hardware

Powered by Intel Xeon processors, high RAM, and ultra-fast server-grade SSD drives. Built for superior performance of your trading instances.

Low latency

Server locations feature ultra-low latency to a large number of forex brokers and other trading services. Lower latency results in significantly improved order execution speed, for faster and more accurate trades.

No shared resources

Guaranteed allocated resources, high performance, and increased control. You get what you pay for.

Dedicated IP

with Administrative access. VPS public IP address will be unique, for guaranteed convenience when connecting to brokers.

Highly secure and 100% private

Continuously testing and updating the security of infrastructure. You can rest assured that your data is safe on our systems.

24/7 Support

Contact us for help or advice at any time and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Designed for trading

ForexVPS365 hosting specifically developed to benefit forex traders and Expert Advisors. Control your trading even when your computer or gadget is turned off. Install trading applications on a Forex VPS, like a regular PC. Total compatibility with almost all Forex Trading platforms. Our service gives you:

Optimized system

Windows Servers 2012 R2 and 2019 builds are optimized specifically for trading. They include enhanced security, software, and background enhancements designed to keep your terminals and automated trading strategies running at all times.

Unlimited options

Systems are not restricted to any one broker or institution. You may run multiple instances of MT4/MT5, or your platform of choice, with as many brokers and trading accounts as necessary.

Connection from any computer or mobile device

No Setup Required. After ordering a Forex VPS plan, you will receive login information for a remote Windows desktop, which can be used with any RDP client.

Forex VPS for Robots

Boost Algorithmic trading to the next level

Your robots will like it. Close to ideal accuracy of entry and exits from the market with no delays. Run automated Forex strategies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Ultra-low Latency

Save up to 10 pips per trade from slippage and poor execution

.DLL files imports

Allowed and not restricted for EAs

WebRequests for URLs

Allowed and not restricted

Multiple terminals

For majority of trading strategies and copying.

Tested with 1000+ EAs

Compatible with 99.9% Expert Advisors

Sufficient resources

Intel Xeon CPUs, high RAM and Enterprise-class SSDs RAID 10

Why use Forex VPS?

Forex Virtual Private Server (VPS) allows you to run automated trading strategies with one of the fastest possible connectivity to ensure your trade executions are done in milliseconds. VPS server is always connected to uninterruptible high-speed internet and doesn’t depend on your internet service provider. Decrease the risk of technical problems impacting your trading. Trading with VPS gives you:
  • Eliminate downtime
  • Ultra-low delay in running orders
  • Process trading orders from anywhere through any device
  • Password-protected connection
  • Independence from Internet connection or power supply
  • Better performing hardware

Reduce your costs with VPS

Save on electricity and computer depreciation

For example, your computer with a monitor that uses 200 watts per hour at a location where the electric rate is €0.12 per kW hour flat rate, as there are 8 760 hours in a year, the total electrical cost would be ((200*8760)/1000)*0.12= €210.24 a year.

Let’s say your computer costs €1,000 and after a year of continuous operation, it is depreciated by 20%, which means that you have lost another €200. As result, your total expenses €210.24 + €200 (electricity + depreciation) =

Save on slippage and poor execution

For example, your trading terminal on your home PC sends a buy GBPUSD order at 1.29700. However, it reaches to the server 400 milliseconds later when the price is already 1.29710. As a result, your potential profit will be 10 points less. Let’s assume you are trading with 100K lots. Thus due to slippage, caused by latency of 400 milliseconds, you’re losing
$10 / per lot

Forex Dedicated Server

Professional traders choose Dedicated servers

When it comes to professional algorithmic trading, creating and testing complex strategies and intensive automated trading on multiple trading terminals at the same time, saving on servers means harming yourself and slowing down the achievement of your ambitious financial goals. Forex Dedicated Server is made for trading heroes and ready to equip you with a superpower. If you experience a lagging highest VPS plan, it’s time to move to a Dedicated server with physical resources allocated only for you.

High frequency CPUs

Multi-core Intel Xeon 2.90 – 3.40 GHz processors and up to 128 GB RAM provide you with superpower

Run up to 60 MT4/MT5

Tested for stable performance. Operating system optimized by us


After ordering a plan, you will receive login information via email for a remote Windows desktop, which can be used with any RDP client or VNC client.

Our Service Level Objective for standard VPS set up is up to 24 hours. In most cases, it takes minutes not hours. It means that if it might take longer for some reason, we will definitely notify you before any delays. You can always reach us by email or via live chat on our website.

You can cancel your subscription anytime. You can do it in the My Account area or directly in your PayPal account.

No, we do not charge any fees for canceling your subscription with us.

We are an independent VPS provider, and our servers will work with all brokers. If you have any specific questions about connectivity and latency please feel free to reach us by email.

No, your VPS will already have an operating system installed.

Yes, we can. Please indicate in notes (additional information) during your order which trading platform you would like to install and which broker you will work with.

If you have already ordered VPS and have access to it then you can also install the trading platform yourself. Download and install the platform just as you would on your home computer. All VPS plans will have an Internet Explorer browser pre-installed. You can also copy and paste trading platform .exe installation files from your computer to VPS.

For more information about How to copy/move files to your VPS, please check our Knowledge base.

Yes, of course, you can install any Windows applications and programs that are free or for which you have the right to use and the programs do not contradict local and international laws.

Still not sure?

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